S Sid Wraps Season 1!

S Sid Ahmed is a number of things with plenty of talent, but for today’s purposes he is a video blogger.

365 days ago Sid set out on the mission to post a new video blog each and every day. Sid has completed the task and his year has come to an end! After 365 days Sid has created a fan base and memories for all of us.

I think I have watched every single episode of Season 1 and cannot wait for Season 2!

Congratulations Sid on reaching this milestone.

Here is the SEASON FINALE:

Interview: Sid’s Vlog Hits Day 320, What’s Next?

Sid has been entertaining us for 320 days with his video blogs, but how did he start…and what’s next? Sid tells me all the details.

Zaynah: What sparked your daily video blogs for a year?
Sid: This is going to a long answer!

A. Jealousy. I’m a very jealous guy and being overshadowed by the people you work with on things you put your life into is never cool. I wanted to be remembered for my work.

B. Loneliness. Just over a year ago, my ex dumped me and I had no-one to turn to or anyone that’d help as a friend. Working and productivity was my only release. Making a video blog everyday makes sure I stay productive.

C. Discipline. Commitment. Few people are barely able to make a commitment to themselves or loved ones let alone do something that they love. It’s Day 300 of making a video diary everyday. There are days when I wish I could quit and leave and start a new life away from the people I’ve met, but they don’t deserve to be left or hurt like that.

D. Perception. Everyone always told me that I should take each day as it comes but ni-one actually did. I decided to challenge that and in turn changed my entire outlook on time. The only that matters to me is “What did I do today?” I live my life, film it, edit it, upload it and share it to the world.

E. Productivity. Being idle is being useless to yourself and the people around you. Even on my laziest day, even when I’m I’ll and can barely move, I will make a video by the end of that day. No exceptions.

F. Memories. A persons memory can change the colour of a car, the size of a room, the look on someone’s face. Time fades and all we have is what we can scrape together in the back of our minds. I made the vlogs so when I’m 30, 40, hell, if I make it to 80, I can look back to anyday of my life and remember it AS it was.

G. Immortality. When I die, I’ll still be alive through these. Kind of like Voldemort’s Horcruxes. My children and grandchildren can see exactly how I lived, what I thought and saw as I was and not just faint characteristics that everyone might remember me from.

Zaynah: What’s the plan once your 365 days are up, can we expect blogs for another year?
Sid: Season 2 🙂

I look forward to the next season!