Anoop Desai Covers Usher’s ‘Climax’

A fan of usher’s single “Climax,” Anoop Desai has decided to cover it and…I prefer it to the original.

For those who don’t recognize the name Anoop Desai, he is the North Carolina native who was featured on American Idol and called Anoop Dogg by Randy Jackson.

David Guetta Drops ‘Without You’ Video Featuring Usher

David Guetta and Usher have been topping charts and dominating radio waves with their single “Without You.” Now the song is going viral with the new video.

The clip has people dancing and moving the earth. The continents start to shift creating one land mass. Music unites us all!

Enrique Iglesias Wants a ‘Dirty Dancer’

Enrique Iglesias has released the video for his single “Dirt Dancer!” The single features Usher and Lil Wayne who both make appearances in the video.

I love Enrique and love this song. The video has dirty dancers without making the video vulgar. There is also come great use of technology and effects without going too sci-fi. Did the video meet your expectations?

Enrique Iglesias is a ‘Dirty Dancer’

Enrique Iglesias is gearing up for the release of his latest single “Dirt Dancer.” The song features Usher and Lil Wayne and it has been dominating radio stations. We do get to see a glimpse of the artists and sexy ladies. Check out the video teasers.