Taj-E and Bee2 Sing About ‘Jalebi’

To those unfamiliar with Jalebis, they are fried sweets which are orange…now Taj-E and Bee2 will transform the dessert into a song. The boys look like they have a promising video on their hands, but production and concept have me on the fence. Check out the trailer.

Luckstar Drives a ‘Gaddi’

Luckstar has teamed up with The Sound Pipe Records to release his new single “Gaadi.” While his video is shot well and attention was placed on colors, sets, and aesthetic, the clips of Luckstar, a girl, and dancers has been done again and again.

With a title like “Gaddi” I expected more shots of cars, picking up girls, and that jazz, The first minute sets the pace for that sort of video and we quickly get swept into dancers.

DJ Rags Makes his ‘Jordi’

DJ Rags teams up with Taj-E and Bee2 at The Sound Pipe Records for his latest single “Jordi.” I am not too crazy about the song or Ishmeet Narual, the female vocalist, but the video is well done.

Ishmeet was divine on “Ik Jindree” and I don’t think this performance matches up.

“Jordi” could easily be translated into a cheesy love song, but the video stays current and the love story is cleverly portrayed.

DJ Rags Gears Up for ‘Jordi’ Release

DJ Rags, Taj-E, and Bee2 are all on the track “Jordi”  which will be released October 26. The song features the vocals of Ishmeet Narula who was heard on DDs’ tune “Ik Jindree.”

DJ Rags Teams Up Bee2 on ‘Jordi’

DJ Rags teams up with The Sound Pipe Records for his next release “Jordi.” DJ Rags and Taj-E lay down the production and Bee2 owns the vocals.  The single is slated for a mid-October release, but the media hype starts now.

Taj-E and Bee2 had some time in the studio and the perform a quick jam session to give us a sense of what’s to come. “Jordi” is more of a mellow song, from what I gather, which is a now break from the Bhangra dance floor bangers.

The Sound Pipe Media churns out amazing videos which always leave a lasting impression so I can’t help to think…is there a video coming? Will there be a story portrayed? I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Taj-E and Bee2 Celebrate with ‘Chak Glassy’

Taj-E and Bee2 are a couple of hair stylists who have put in a hard days work. To get through the last hours, they down a couple of drinks and incite some friends. The song is pretty good and I like the concept behind the video.

Taj-E and Bee2 Perform ‘Chak Glassy’ in the Car

Taj-E and Bee2 are going to be releasing their next single “Chak Glassy” on August 17. Proving to us how talented these crew is, they record their acoustic version of the song in the car and on the road!

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