Video: Raxstar Asks ‘What’s Inside’

Raxstar is at it again and has released the video for his single “What’s Inside.” Bringing us only the utmost quality, Raxstar collaborates with Young Archie on production and S Sid Ahmed on the video.

The story of the song can be summed up with the lyrics, “Everyday.. I have tried, Just to say.. What’s inside, And you think.. That you know, But you don’t.. you don’t.”

Video: Raxstar Plays ‘Ex Games’

Raxstar is one of London’s hottest Desi Hip-Hop acts. Having a long list of popular tracks to his name, Raxstar hopes to add “Ex Games” to that list.

“Ex Games” is off of Raxstar’s mixtape Late on Time. The song tells a story of a guy and the issues with his girl. Raxstar raps, “Why you aint pick up the phone for? I’ve been trying to call you, It’s been over a year now since the last time I saw you, And who’s the guy that you’re with now? 
I aint drinking and I don’t want to sit down. Tell me what his name is, And who the f*** is Jason? Why’s he telling me he knows you? And knows the places that we used to go to? Do you miss me?”

The video is shot in a music video where we expect Raxstar is most comfortable.

Video: Ekko Makes ‘The Return’ with RKZ, Swami Baracus, Raxstar, Strikey, Dutty Mouth & GT Solo

Ekko has released the music video for his song “Elevation.” It features RKZ, Swami Baracus, Raxstar, Strikey, Dutty Mouth and GT Solo. With Ekko being a beatboxer, we expect a featured vocalist or rapper and he pulls together a handful of acts. The video is clean, well-shot, and better than I expected.

Video: Tazz, KanD Man, Raxstar, Raver (PMG), RKZ, and Menis Are Tired of ‘Radha’

The U.K. acts show brotherhood and unity with countless collaborations. TaZzZ is doing the same with his song “Radha,” which brings together 6 artists, including himself. Featured on this song are KanD Man, Raver (PMG), Raxstar, RKZ, and Menis.

TaZzZ, producer/rapper, takes his inspiration for “Radha” from the song “Radha Kaise Na Jale” from the Bollywood film Lagaan.  TaZzZ conceptualized a song in which male artists talk about the difficulties they face with their girls including trust and understanding. With a large artist base, many can relate to “Radha.” The catchy production, and clean video are all the icing on the cake.

The video goes through 6 men arguing with their women as they tell their side. The idea is great, the video is complimentary. Hats off to TaZzZ and the team.

Raxstar and Sid Talk ‘Late on Time’

Raxstar has released his new mixtape Late On Time and the music speaks for itself, but credit is also due to Sid for the eye-catching artwork.

Raxstar tells me, “I felt like there was a demand for more material from me and due to a busier schedule than I had predicted I wasn’t able to release my album Faith & Patience last year. I saw the mixtape as a gift to everyone who has supported me.” It is indeed a free download you can get here.

On to what caused more rucus…Sid’s artwork. Get the story with his vlog:

Now talking about the “drama,” Sid tells me, ” It’s a portrait of my right-eye extremely close up with part of a clock face etched into it. It caused a bit of controversy when we released it! To see the artwork, you had to click the link on Facebook to the Stare Into The Sun website. My logo is a clear triangle with a silhouette of a man standing in front of it. And then of course was the singular eye artwork. The lesser-minded folk felt this was illuminati symbolism. The comments and insane level of discussion was just ridiculous. In all honesty, I’ve never seen so many idiots appear in one small space on my screen. I felt I had to join in and further it a bit more. Play the hater-baiter role. Friends, like RKZ, Sam Khan and EYE-C joined in too. I think we all had a good laugh at the ignorance of some people.”

Indeed it is ignorance. I love the cover, love the music, and I am always impressed with the work both Raxstar and Sid put out.

Artists Who Made an Impact in 2011

While we countdown the best songs and coolest videos, I want to shoutout the artists who have come out this year to make a positive impact on the music scene and I do so in no particular order before you ask.

Mumzy Stranger:
Rishi Rich Productions split from Tiffin Beats Records bringing a divide among a camp. While H-Dhami and Veronica remain affiliated with Rishi, Mumzy works with Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Ramee, and Char Avell. Tiffin Beats has put out a handful of singles and Junai Kaden dropped his album From Me to You. With all their music, the Tiffin Beats camp went on a Freshers Tour. Big up to Mumzy for keeping the music coming and giving a platform to new artists to turn into stars.

Vishal and Shekhar:
These Bollywood music producers were given the opportunity to work with so many great artists this year and they acted on a few opportunities. The biggest collaboration would be Akon and the hits “Chammak Challo” and “Criminal.” Vishal also worked with Imogen Heap and debuted the song on episode one of travel, music documentary The Dewarists. West Coast rapper, Haji Springer, made an impression on the duo and landed a feature on the song “Shake It Saiyyan” for Rascals. Vishal and Shekhar are welcoming Western acts, Desi and non, to their studios and the music fusion has been incredible!

DJ Rekha:
DJ Rekha started her Basement Bhangra party 14 years ago and provides a space and stage for artists to share their music with the Big Apple and essentially the world. With a number of trips to the White House to DJ events as well as attend other, DJ Rekha has been on mainstream radar for quite some time. This year Rekha split her time between teaching at New York University and spinning around the world. The icing on the cake was the launch of Rekha’a record label Beat Bazaar Music which showcases Rekha’s production talent and takes her out of the Bhangra persona.

D-Sarb and Shweta Subram:
D-Sarb and Shweta Subram have brought their training and passion to the Urban market and they have raised the bar for music quality. D-Sarb is a U..K. based act who works with producer D-Boy. His single “Dil Tera Jitena” won me over and the hits kept coming. Shweta calls Toronto home and has been working with Parichay as her producer. Shweta has established a name on her vocals and charm and never used sex appeal or the club scene as her means of success.

Dhanush and “Why This Kolaveri Di”
Tanglish is the new big thing as “Why This Kolaveri Di” has been dubbed the biggest song of 2011 by mainstream and Desi media. I think we all know the frenzy so moving on….



Desi girl doing it mainstream with swag and edge- Anjulie. I love Anjulie’s music and her new records have been amazing. “Brand New Bitch” and “Stand Behind the Music” were Anjulie’s last two singles and we need to respect that there’s a Desi gal breaking down doors.

Raxstar/ S Sid Ahmed:
An urban act, a Bollywood sample, and over a million views. Raxstar teamed up with Kee to create his Valentine’s Day release “Jaaneman.” The lyrics production and execution made this song a contender and then it was S Sid behind the lens who created the perfect music video. Raxstar and Sid have worked creatively together for a while now and they always bring perfection. Sid also wrapped season one of his video blog. Vlogging everyday of the year is no easy task and this Sid’s drive and passion that keep him going and the world paying attention.

Humble the Poet:
Canadian rapper, Humble the Poet, took his music around the world and is now capturing the attention of media. With large media platforms clued in, Humble brings awareness to the Underground Hip-Hop scene among Desis and sets the pace for 2012.

No one releases albums anymore and if they do, they tend to be less of an investment and more of a disappointment. Parichay threw all the rules out and created an album with 14 tracks (including remixes) and put it out as a free download for anyone and everyone! Clearly I am still trying to wrap my head around the big surprise, but I’m not complaining.

Bring on 2012, Happy New Year everyone!

D-Sarb Will ‘Fly Away’ with KK, PW, and Raxstar

D-Sarb is one of 2011’s young acts and he is leaving his mark on the year with the release of “Fly Away” featuring KK, PW, and Raxstar.

“Fly Away” is the Urban counterpart to D-Sarb’s single “Panchi Vangu.” This remix has been done by D-Boy. It introduced Hip-Hop and Dubstep to a very Desi track and the fusion is perfection.

KK, PW, and Raxstar are all artists who have excelled this year and are acts worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming year.

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