Parichay Sings ‘O Meri Chandni’

*squeals like a little girl* Toronto native Parichay finds himself space in the studio with Sunidhi Chauhan to sing the song “Oh Meri Chandni” for the film Chaar Din Ki Chandni. While Sunidhi finds herself on the original edition of the song, Nindy Kaur jumps onto the House Remix with RDB behind the track and they both sound great, my inclination is to add the House Mix to my playlist and leave it at that.

Parichay started his music career as an independent Urban artist and released his album No Boundaries. The single “Deewana Tera” made Parichay the guys for dance floor bangers. Then he turned the tables and put the spotlight on “Kasam Se” showcasing a softer side to his music.

It was around this time Parichay got his first Bollywood gig behind the board as he remixes “Khuda Hafiz” for the film Mittal v/s Mittal.

As the world took notice, so did RDB earning Parichay his Three Records label deal. Following the deal, Parichay laid down his vocals in Bollywood for the first time with Nindy and RDB for the film Yamla Pagal Deewana with the title song’s remix.

With his sophomore album All New Everything now out, Parichay’s graduating in Bollywood with a full-on vocal for Chaar Din Ki Chandni and he sounds amazing.

#international moves

For my Bollywood buffs, this song is inspired by the song “Chandni O Meri Chandni” from the film Chandni starring Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor.

Old School Classic:

Video: Parichay is the ‘Human Machine’

Parichay is ready to reveal to the world the music video for his song “Human Machine.” The song is off of Parichay’s recently released album All New Everything which is avaliable for free download on Parichay’s Facebook fanpage.

The album was announced in the earlier half of 2011 which led to the release of quite a few
singles. The party started in October 2010 with the drop of “Tum Habibi” featuring Joe Louis. Taking a different turn, Parichay welcomed Valentine’s Day with the release of “Sun Sohniye.”

Shifting back to “Tum Habibi,” this singe was brought to life with a video shot in New Zealand in March. The fresh tunes kept coming and Mother’s Day marked the release of “Maa (Mothers Are Awesome).” This single was an added treat in the year which remained off All New Everything.

Focusing back on his album, Parichay began rolling out teasers and clip of “QUeen of Spades” which was intended to be the precursor to the album release. The album hit a delay and Parichay was not leaving us hanging dry and released snippets of “Tu Hi Zindagi,” “Zindagi,” and “HUman Machine” along with others.

“Human Machine” a modern edge and follows in the Urban Desi persona we first fell in love with when we met Parichay with “Deewana Tera” which is why it is a natural favorite for fans.

The video is shot in high quality and the dancers are well-coordinated and not trashy or boring. Parichay is dressed incredibly well channeling some slick swag like Pitbull’s. I am so glad Parichay is pushing the bar, Desi boys retire the jeans and Ed Hardy tees!!!!

I cannot wait till this industry gets a steep increase in budgets and a song like “Human Machine” can get inspired technology included.

Any who, nice sharp video Parichay.

J Raj Remixes Shweta Subram’s ‘Ajooba’

Shweta Subram’s single “Ajooba” is one of my favorite songs at the moment. J Raj has given the song a unique twist with his remix making dance floor friendly.

The original track has been produced by Parichay and features Richilous.

Artists Who Made an Impact in 2011

While we countdown the best songs and coolest videos, I want to shoutout the artists who have come out this year to make a positive impact on the music scene and I do so in no particular order before you ask.

Mumzy Stranger:
Rishi Rich Productions split from Tiffin Beats Records bringing a divide among a camp. While H-Dhami and Veronica remain affiliated with Rishi, Mumzy works with Junai Kaden, Tasha Tah, Ramee, and Char Avell. Tiffin Beats has put out a handful of singles and Junai Kaden dropped his album From Me to You. With all their music, the Tiffin Beats camp went on a Freshers Tour. Big up to Mumzy for keeping the music coming and giving a platform to new artists to turn into stars.

Vishal and Shekhar:
These Bollywood music producers were given the opportunity to work with so many great artists this year and they acted on a few opportunities. The biggest collaboration would be Akon and the hits “Chammak Challo” and “Criminal.” Vishal also worked with Imogen Heap and debuted the song on episode one of travel, music documentary The Dewarists. West Coast rapper, Haji Springer, made an impression on the duo and landed a feature on the song “Shake It Saiyyan” for Rascals. Vishal and Shekhar are welcoming Western acts, Desi and non, to their studios and the music fusion has been incredible!

DJ Rekha:
DJ Rekha started her Basement Bhangra party 14 years ago and provides a space and stage for artists to share their music with the Big Apple and essentially the world. With a number of trips to the White House to DJ events as well as attend other, DJ Rekha has been on mainstream radar for quite some time. This year Rekha split her time between teaching at New York University and spinning around the world. The icing on the cake was the launch of Rekha’a record label Beat Bazaar Music which showcases Rekha’s production talent and takes her out of the Bhangra persona.

D-Sarb and Shweta Subram:
D-Sarb and Shweta Subram have brought their training and passion to the Urban market and they have raised the bar for music quality. D-Sarb is a U..K. based act who works with producer D-Boy. His single “Dil Tera Jitena” won me over and the hits kept coming. Shweta calls Toronto home and has been working with Parichay as her producer. Shweta has established a name on her vocals and charm and never used sex appeal or the club scene as her means of success.

Dhanush and “Why This Kolaveri Di”
Tanglish is the new big thing as “Why This Kolaveri Di” has been dubbed the biggest song of 2011 by mainstream and Desi media. I think we all know the frenzy so moving on….



Desi girl doing it mainstream with swag and edge- Anjulie. I love Anjulie’s music and her new records have been amazing. “Brand New Bitch” and “Stand Behind the Music” were Anjulie’s last two singles and we need to respect that there’s a Desi gal breaking down doors.

Raxstar/ S Sid Ahmed:
An urban act, a Bollywood sample, and over a million views. Raxstar teamed up with Kee to create his Valentine’s Day release “Jaaneman.” The lyrics production and execution made this song a contender and then it was S Sid behind the lens who created the perfect music video. Raxstar and Sid have worked creatively together for a while now and they always bring perfection. Sid also wrapped season one of his video blog. Vlogging everyday of the year is no easy task and this Sid’s drive and passion that keep him going and the world paying attention.

Humble the Poet:
Canadian rapper, Humble the Poet, took his music around the world and is now capturing the attention of media. With large media platforms clued in, Humble brings awareness to the Underground Hip-Hop scene among Desis and sets the pace for 2012.

No one releases albums anymore and if they do, they tend to be less of an investment and more of a disappointment. Parichay threw all the rules out and created an album with 14 tracks (including remixes) and put it out as a free download for anyone and everyone! Clearly I am still trying to wrap my head around the big surprise, but I’m not complaining.

Bring on 2012, Happy New Year everyone!

Parichay is a ‘Human Machine’

Parichay has recently released his sophomore album All New Everything as a free package for everyone. Continuing to bring his A-game and only the best quality he can, Parichay is set to release a music video fro his next single “Human Machine.”

The teaser is short and with the song out for everyone to download, I won’t complain about how brief it is. The clip has Parichay looking fly, a few sexy ladies dancing, and the rest is yet to be revealed.

Parichay Releases ‘All New Everything’ for FREE!

(I’m in shock) Parichay has released his sophomore album All New Everything and he is giving it to the world as a free gift—all 14 tracks. Again, I’m shocked, speechless, and in awe.

Music is bringing in less revenue and therefore fewer albums are being released. Parichay is not phased by the realities and continues to work soley for the craft and beauty of sharing music with fans.

Bollywood and the way it is structured allows for appreciation of soundtracks and full albums. The Bhangra scene hasn’t taken the approach of releasing singles and then an album as these artist continue to put out EPs and LPs; this might be because all the music sounds so similar. The Urban scene, on the other hand, is all about singles, EPs, and music videos.

Music heads, such as myself, are missing the experience of listening to albums and in turn savor each album that is released. I am currently hung up on Bikram Singh’s Bik.I.Am. and Junai Kaden’s From Me to You. Now I have the pleasure of adding All New Everything to the list.

With his new label, Three Records behind him, Parichay fulfilled wishes and expectations of mine and fans throughout the year with singles and music videos.

“Tum Habibi” had us dancing, “Sun Soniye” helped us fall in love, “Maa” touched family bonds, and “Queen of Spades” had us feeling young and loving life.

Each song tells a distinct story and takes us on a different musical journey. With all the singles, Parichay announced his new album was titled All New Everything and due out October 20.

For reasons unknown, Parichay’s album release was delayed. Rather than sending fans away, Parichay let them know that the music was on hold, but he would keep them engaged with new teasers. With the weeks leading up to the December release of All New Everything we sampled “Jogiya”, “Supersonic Love” and the anticipation for the album was only mounting.

December 21, Parichay made the official announcement that All New Everything would be out on December 27 saying “‎#AllNewEverything includes Tum Habibi, Queen of Spades, Sun Soniye, Tu Hi Zindagi, Human Machine, Jogiya, Supersonic Love, Kaatil, Kyon, MAA & more.. OUT DECEMBER 27.2011 on ITUNES WORLDWIDE!! Yup, thats the date!! :)“. The countdown was in full swing!

Encouraging the countdown, Parichay wrote, “iPod or CDs?? Either way u can jam to my album lol.. About 12 hours to go.. Man I’m excited.. The biggest shout out ever to my team n the best fans in the world!!”

The day, the hour, the minute had come, All New Everything was out and Parichay simply wrote “THE ALBUM IS OUT…FREE DOWNLOAD HERE –“ Fans are now able to download Parichay’s entire album off his fanpage!

Parichay is bold for giving away his music entirely for free; I hope fans appreciate the time and effort put into music and truly treasure this giveaway as a holiday gift. Creating productions, recording vocals, mixing songs, and then mastering them in no easy task or quick one.

Shout out to Parichay for putting forth 100% percent and then shocking the world by giving us the entire album.


Shweta Subram Unveils ‘Ajooba’ Video

Shweta Subram has released the video for her sophomore single “Ajooba.” The song features Parichay’s production as well a Richilous. Adding to the mix, actor Vatsal Sheth plays the video’s lead male role.

The video is well done, high quality, and suits Shweta’s personality. From the clothes to the soft intimate moments, I think this video achieves all that it was supposed to.

A love story is woven in with artist close-ups which requires a balance that Shweta achieved. I think the hype around Vatsal was anti-climactic, but overall, I’m fan.

Now I can’t wait to see Shweta sing this live.

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