D-Sarb Will ‘Fly Away’ with KK, PW, and Raxstar

D-Sarb is one of 2011’s young acts and he is leaving his mark on the year with the release of “Fly Away” featuring KK, PW, and Raxstar.

“Fly Away” is the Urban counterpart to D-Sarb’s single “Panchi Vangu.” This remix has been done by D-Boy. It introduced Hip-Hop and Dubstep to a very Desi track and the fusion is perfection.

KK, PW, and Raxstar are all artists who have excelled this year and are acts worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming year.

Raxstar and Swami Baracus Support D-Sarb in ‘Panchi Vangu’

D-Sarb, signed to Beat Circle, drops his third single “Panchi Vangu” which tells an emotional tale. The song has been produced by D-Boy and the video stars Urban acts Swami Baracus and Raxstar. I like the song, D-Sarb’s vocals, and the lyrics. I also appreciate the subtitles.

D-Sarb Strikes a Chord with ‘Sahan’

D-Sarb has released his second single “Sahan” and he showcases a new side to his voice. The song is sweet and beautifully sung. D-Sarb is a fresh, young talent who I have my eye on!

Interview: D-Sarb’s Mom Wrote ‘Dil Tera Jitena’

D-Sarb is a newcomer on the music scene who rose straight to the number one spot on iTunes. I was introduced to D-Sarb’s music a while ago and when his debut single “Dil Tera Jitena” dropped I knew my gut was right and this boy was a star!

Being one of my favorite new acts, I caught up with D-Sarb to find out more about the teen behind the music.

Zaynah: You may have stepped onto the music scene quietly, but boy have you made noise with your single “Dil Tera Jitena!” Before we find out more about the music tell us about yourself.
D-Sarb: First of all thank you! ‘Dil Tera Jitena’ has done well thanks to all the support shown by the fans. About me; I am 17 years old, I live in Oxford and I’m really enjoying doing what I love, which is creating music.

Zaynah: Being only a young teen this question may seem ridiculous, but when did you decide you were going to pursue a music career?
D-Sarb: Music was always something that I wanted to do. For as long as I remember I have been involved in music, and for that I have to give credit to my Father, who taught me how to sing from a very young age. Also playing the Tabla and Dholak and Harmonium gave me the grounding to go into singing. I really pursued singing in early 2010 at the age of 16 when D-Boy signed me to BeatCircle.

Zaynah: Have you gotten any training through the years?
D-Sarb: In regards to training, my Father taught me early on, soon after I was taken under the wing of my Ustad Ji Nafees Irfan, who then groomed my Tabla, Harmonium and Vocal skills.

Zaynah: You are singed to D-Boy’s Beat Circle Records and he is the producer behind your chart topping track, how did you meet?
D-Sarb: I first met the extremely talented D-Boy through Vips from VIP records. We got introduced and as time went on D-Boy decided to start BeatCircle and sign me in early 2010.

Zaynah: In interviews and videos sure we get a sense of who D-Boy is, but what is it like working with this brilliant producer?
D-Sarb: It really is a pleasure. He is always there as a mentor and a big brother. In the studio he really is a genius and never fails to have fun and experiment with new things in the music we create together.

Zaynah: Now onto your single “Dil Tera Jitena,” tell us about the creative process of this tune.
D-Sarb: ‘Dil Tera Jitena’ was written by my Mother! The song was truly was built upon musical vibes and creativity. I remember making the melody in my studio, then singing it to D-Boy for the first time, and it just fell straight in with the initial idea for the beat.

Zaynah: What is your reaction to hitting #1 on iTunes World Chart?
D-Sarb: It was such a crazy feeling. I never saw it coming. To have my first EP getting to number 1 on the iTunes world album chart was such a surprise especially being a new artist. I’m just glad people enjoyed what we as a team had created and went out and showed their support too.

Zaynah: As much as I am loving “Dil Tera Jitena” what’s next and when can we expect it?
D-Sarb: Next is ‘Music ‘N Me Volume 2 and Volume 3 we follow very soon after that. We also have two additional music videos shot, so everything is ready to go!

Zaynah: Do you have a message to all your new fans?
D-Sarb: To the fans, I just want to say a massive thank you for supporting me and my music. Watch out for new music, videos and performances. Plus, catch all the latest information on http://www.d-sarb.com. D-Sarb X

D-Sarb’s ‘Dil Tera Jitena’ Gets Remixed

Newcomer D-Sarb has hit #1 on the iTunes world chart with his debut single “Dil Tera Jitena.” Now Mellzo gives the track a Dholoholic Remix and I love it!

D-Sarb and D-Boy Drop ‘Dil Tera Jitena’

D-Boy is one of my favorite producers! He is back with newcomer D-Sarb with the single “Dil Tera Jitena.” I love it and think the video is decent as well. You be the judge for yourself.