Anoop Desai Covers Usher’s ‘Climax’

A fan of usher’s single “Climax,” Anoop Desai has decided to cover it and…I prefer it to the original.

For those who don’t recognize the name Anoop Desai, he is the North Carolina native who was featured on American Idol and called Anoop Dogg by Randy Jackson.

Anoop Desai Covers T-Pain’s ‘5 O’Clock’

Anoop Desai, recognized as an American Idol contestant, has been busy with his solo music career. Taking a break from original music, Anoop covers T-Pain’s single “5 O’Clock” and I love it!

I was never a fan of the original track probably because I am not crazy about T-Pain, hence my admiration for Anoop and his smooth vocals.

Anoop Desai Thinks ‘You Should Be Loved’

Southern boy Anoop Desai has created a music video for his song “You Should Be Loved” which is on his album Zero.0.

Anoop Desai launched his music career as an American Idol contestant. Judge Randy Jackson nicknamed Anoop “Anoop Dogg” which stuck for the duration of reality series and even determined Anoop’s Twitter name (AnoopDoggDesai).

I think Anoop has a great voice and is “geek chic.” Snoop is always dressed to impress without conforming to what may be cool making his look refreshing.

This video has a great story line and casual ambiance to it. I hope Anoop was not expecting any honors or accolades for this clip because it does not compare to what artists are putting out today.

Anoop Desai Covers Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’

Anoop Desai revealed his love for Adele’s artistry. Now Anoop is covering Adele’s single “Someone Like You” and putting it to a new music video.

Anoop Desai Admires Adele

In a new video blog, Anoop Desai discusses his admiration for songstress Adele.

Anoop Desai Covers Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’

Anoop Desai shot to fame after being a contestant on American Idol. Since, he has been releasing music and making appearances around the country with his darling geek chic look.

Trying something different, Anoop covers Nicki Minaj’s single “Super Bass.” I was expecting a mess, but I’m beyond impressed!