Video: Himesh Reshammiya Creates ‘Naina Re’ for ‘Dangerous Ishhq’

We have all been focused on the trailer for Karisma Kapoor’s comeback film Dangerous Ishhq. Now our attention shifts gears to Himesh Reshammiya’s music. The song in the spotlight is “Naina Re” featuring Shreya Ghoshal, Himesh Reshammiya, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

I am not a fan of Himesh Reshammiya, but I do like this song. The balance of Shreya and Rahat on the track make listening to Himesh bearable.

Dangerous Ishhq tells the story of a supermodel who is on a search for her husband who disappears due to mysterious circumstances. While the plot and trailers still have me puzzled, I am all down to support Karisma’s comeback this May.

Video: Roti Has ‘Inspiration (For Her)’

Roti, aka King Roti, is a Toronto rapper who usually goes hard. Showing us a whole new side of his personality, Roti drops “Inspiration (For Her).” This single is off of Roti’s forthcoming album Half Way Home which will be given away as a free download. Start collecting the tracks with this free download.

Violinder Covers The Weeknd’s ‘Gone’

Violinder is an incredible violinist from California. I am a big fan and therefore I will share his latest cover with you. He is heard covering The Weeknd’s “Gone,” this particular version of the record have been remixed by Sango. It’s dope!

Video: Emraan Hashmi Romances in ‘Tera Deedar Hua’

Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta are starring in Jannat 2. We get to see a glimpse of their on-screen romance brewing in the new music video “Tera Deedar Hua.” The film hits screens May 4.

H-Dhami…’The Story So Far’

A decade in the making, ok I am exaggerating, three and a half years in the making, H-Dhami is saying it again, he is set to drop a “behind the scenes” DVD and sophomore album. There was supposed to be a remix album in there somewhere too, but who knows.

The project has all the usual suspects: Rishi Rich, Roach Killa, Tigerstyle, DJ Vix, the only one missing is Mumzy, but the camp split.

I am excited for the release, just not enthused by the title. “The Story So Far” seems like a more mature title in terms of artist career. What’s H-Dhami got? Born into Bhangra royalty, scooped up by Rishi Rich, now a wedding singer…not the hype I am looking for. Yes H-Dhami has toured the world, but he only has one album.

Video: Dhanush in ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’

2011 was quite a year as Dhanush’s “Why This Kolaveri Di” become the number one song of the year all around the world with its viral success.

The song was leaked through a video session. The song belongs to the Tamil film 3 starring Dhanush and Shruti Hassan. With the Tamil film now on-screen, we get to see the actual music video. We see Dhanush on a beach side bazaar acting out the song.

The music video had to live up to expectations and I think the treatment and Dhanush’s swag are perfect.

I am not a fan of the track but salute its impact on the world.

Sam Kay and Arjun Take Us on a ‘Journey’

Sam Kay collaborates with Arjun for his next single “Journey.” The single has not been released yet, instead Sam takes us behind the scenes of his video shoot. We check out locations, listen in on some jokes, and everything looks like it went well.

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