Bilal Shares ‘Bhool’

Bilal is an artist with a lot of soul. With a distinct voice, Bilal gears up for the release of his next album Maktoob. Bilal is starting the pre-release buzz with the release of his song “Bhool.”

Video: Roti Has ‘Inspiration (For Her)’

Roti, aka King Roti, is a Toronto rapper who usually goes hard. Showing us a whole new side of his personality, Roti drops “Inspiration (For Her).” This single is off of Roti’s forthcoming album Half Way Home which will be given away as a free download. Start collecting the tracks with this free download.

Violinder Covers The Weeknd’s ‘Gone’

Violinder is an incredible violinist from California. I am a big fan and therefore I will share his latest cover with you. He is heard covering The Weeknd’s “Gone,” this particular version of the record have been remixed by Sango. It’s dope!

Sam Kay and Arjun Take Us on a ‘Journey’

Sam Kay collaborates with Arjun for his next single “Journey.” The single has not been released yet, instead Sam takes us behind the scenes of his video shoot. We check out locations, listen in on some jokes, and everything looks like it went well.

Sona Mohapatra Sings ‘Sapne’

Sona Mohapatra is one of my favorite vocalists so I share with you a new video she’s posted of her singing her song “Sapne.” ❤

Video: Preeya Kalidas Treasures ‘Love Between Us’

Preeya Kalidas is leading up to the release of her single “Love Between Us” and to hook all of us in, she has released the music video.

The song features the Bollywood classic “Ram Lakhan” making this number a fresh twist on East meets West. The song has been produced and co-written by Davinche and I am a fan.

The video shows Preeya being watched by paparazzi and she tries to keep her man under wraps. Preeya’s style and swag in the video are all her personality and she looks great.

I’ve waited to Preeya to wow me and after “Shimmy” and being dropped by her label, I wanted this even more for her and this song is definitely pointing her career in the right direction.

Here’s “Ram Lakhan” for the reference.

Preeya Kalidas Feels ‘Love Between Us’

Actress, singer, songwriter Preeya Kalidas has been dabbling in the arts for quite some time. Shifting focus to music, Preeya has now released the new single “Love Between Us.”

Preeya sets up this release by telling us all that this will be just one of three releases this year! From what we hear in “Love Between Us,” this songstress has some tricks up her sleeve. Discussing her new single, Preeya says, “Ram Lakhan was a classic Bollywood film I enjoyed watching when I was growing up. I’ve always wanted to work with music from this iconic film and was given the chance to on this song. I think the way that Davinche has produced it adds a real edge to the song and the early response on ‘Love Between Us’ has been brilliant.” Preeya is creating her own modern twist of Bollywood, Western fusion and I am a fan of what she is coming up with.

“Love Between Us” has been co-written by Preeya and Davinche, who has also produced the track. Davinche’s impressive resume includes works done for (previous work includes Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Cleo Sol).

In 2010, Preeya quit her fulltime television gig to pursue music. Preeya walked away with a record deal with Mercury Records released “Shimmy” featuring Mumzy Stranger.

The single was heavily promoted and Preeya found herself singing her song on so many platforms, yet the track didn’t resonate with fans and Preeya was in turn dropped from her label. This didn’t slow her down as she continued to record and collaborate with artists. Preeya looked hot and sounded great on Skepta’s track “Cross My Heart.” Between careers and finding her footing, Preeya headed back to Eastenders late last year, but continued the music career and now is strategically releasing songs.

“Love Between Us” will be followed up with a music video this month.

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