Interview: Kee has Advice for the Ladies

There is no denying that the Urban Desi scene is dominated by guys; however, this year has seen a burst of female talent. Now we have to wait and see which ladies are one-hit wonders and which ones are here to stay.

Kee is a songstress I have been following since the release of her debut single “Crazy”  which was released last year. After a quick makeover and new direction, Kee has won over the hearts of many and her latest single “Jaaneman Part 2” is being viewed around the world! I caught up with Kee to talk about her success and the journey she has had as a female artist.

Zaynah: Congratulations on the success of “Jaaneman Part 2.” For those unfamiliar with the track, tell us about the song.
Kee: Thank you! Part 2 was my reply back to Raxstar’s original version, which I featured on. A pure Hindi version was requested by the fans which I was happy to deliver. The two versions have their own vibe and by featuring Raxstar on my version completed the whole story. It was a really interesting project as it has never been done before in our Asian music scene. My version is a lot more mellow and more soulful showing my softer side for the first time. I guess it was a gamble that thankfully paid off!

Zaynah: When did you meet with Raxstar and decide that a collaboration was going to be done?
Kee: Raxstar and Sunit [producer] were in search of a Hindi vocalist for some time and mentioned it to my management. I heard the beautiful track and instantly fell in love. Sunit is also based in Coventry which meant it was just meant to be.

Zaynah: Who are some of the women you look up to in the music industry?
Kee: One particular lady comes to mind….Ashanti Omkar! She is cultured, kind-hearted, intelligent, very supportive and one of the most genuine people you can meet in this industry. All of the things I strive to be.

Ashanti Omkar

Zaynah: Is it just me or are there very few ladies representing on the music scene?
Kee: There definitely are not enough of us around. The industry has been dominated by men for years. C’mon girls it’s time to takeover! Would love to see more girls representing.

Zaynah: Why do you think there are so few ladies?
Kee: I can’t answer for other women but I guess it is a lot harder for us especially with our added responsibilities. We need more supportive people around us.

Zaynah: Tell us about your struggles breaking into the Urban Desi scene fraternity.
Kee: Being a newcomer is a challenge in itself, but being new and different is even harder. It takes time and a lot of hard work but determination is the key. Each milestone is a sign of accomplishment and a step closer to the dream.

Zaynah: Do you have any advice for girls out there looking to launch their own careers?
Kee: Of course! It is a tough journey so prepare yourselves for the bumpy ride. Some basics:

1. Be very careful who you trust, do your research.
2. Don’t part with cash unless you have a contract. Even then get your contract checked out.
3. If you are serious, get serious training.
4. Don’t give up!
I do get asked for advice a lot and I am very happy to help. Drop me a message on or and I will reply.

Zaynah: Now having discussed that, how does it feel having such a successful single under your belt?
Kee: The bar has just been raised! Now there is added pressure but that comes with the territory. I am blessed and so overwhelmed by the response, enjoying the moment.

Zaynah: What’s next for you in terms of releases and performances?
Kee: I am working hard in the studio, getting brand new tracks ready. Look out for my performances at the Melas this year as I’m bringing you guys something totally fresh. I also have some upcoming performances in India and America which I am really excited about. My debut album ‘Zindagi’ is due for release in September 2011; it’s a busy year ahead.

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