‘Agent Vinod’s’ ‘Pyaar Ki Pungi’ Unoriginal?

Agent Vinod is in the headlines for an alleged copycat song. The tune in question is “Pyaar Ki Pungi” and everyone is having their doubts about this production.

The first song that bears resemblance to this song is Hassan Jahangir’s “Hawa Hawa Khushboo Luta De.” These rumors and comparisons have been circulating for quite a while.

Now the band Barobax, from Tehran, recognizes their 2010 single “Soosan Khanoom” in “Pyaar Ki Pungi.” Co-Producer Dinesh Vijan is taking the allegations down by saying, “There is no infringement of copyright or any other right. And any attempt to initiate proceedings for alleged infringement of copyright is ill-conceived, ill-advised and untenable by law. Any action in this regard will be vigorously opposed and resisted in accordance with the law.” This is not the first time music director Pritam has been put in the hot seat, but guess what, it doesn’t end there!

The latest buzz from Bollywood is that “Pyaar Ki Pungi” was not even created for Agent Vinod. Apparently, the song was recorded for the Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone film for Dharma Productions titled Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

All I can say is…what a mess!

Panjabi by Nature Borrows Pree Mayall’s Album Title?

Panjabi By Nature released his single “Fitteh Moo” and announced that his new album will be titled Me, Myself, and Music. Sure the title is a play on a popular saying, but it also sounds an awful lot like Pree’s album title: Me, Myself, and Pree.

I spoke to both the artists to find out their thought processes for their album titles and this is what they had to say…

Pree Mayall:

“Me, Myself, and Pree” what does the title mean to you?”

Well my first album’s title was Identity because I really was just discovering myself what it is I am good at. Me, Myself, And Pree is kinda like me defining myself in 3 parts: singer, writer, and producer.

“Were there other potential album titles?”

Hmm not really. Pree, Myself, And I, lol, I got the idea after watching the movie Me, Myself, And Dupree.

“Do you feel that the title is original and sets you apart?”

The title may not be the most original but it certainly defines what this album is about… Me =] .. And as far as setting me apart, I think the music in itself does that. Especially since PBN’s new albums name is Me, Myself, And Music.

Funny that Pree mentioned the PBN album title!

Panjabi by Nature:

“Me, Myself, and Music what does the title mean to you?”

I am now on my 6th solo album. My whole life is based around my music, this title reflects that.  I wanted to choose a title which was a little personal to me seeing as I have now been in the music industry for 8 years or so.

“Were there other potential titles?”

I would normally go for titles which are a little more urban or street like Crowd Pleaser and Homegrown.  I always put the request out to fans to decide on my album titles, but this one just stuck out.

“Do you feel that the title is original and sets you apart?”

For sure. I think the public will understand how passionate I am about my music and how much it really means to me.

There is no denying that Pree and PBN are passionate about their music as it defines their lives. Let’s end with another saying—great minds think alike.

I personally do not believe that album titles are too important today in age as no one buys music and we are a generation who enjoy singles. I guess the real question is do you prefer “Akh Da Ishara” or “Fitteh Moo”?


Video Look-A-Likes: Imran Khan in ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ and Shahrukh Khan in ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’

Bollywood is running out of fresh ideas and are rehashing ones that have already succeeded (do I need to name sequels or look a likes? How about Singham and Dabanng, Don 2 anyone?)

Well the title song for Mere Brother ki Dulhan is out and Imran Khan mimics two iconic Bollywood tunes. First we see a remake of Salman Khan in Dabangg‘s title song. Soon after it’s a flashback to Shahrukh Khan in Dil Se dancing to Chaiyya Chaiyya. Watch the three videos and spot the similarities.

Mere Brother ki Dulhan:


Dil Se:

A.R. Rahman’s ‘Sona Sona’ Covered and Recovered

A.R. Rahman’s Bombay Dreams stage show may not have been as successful as he wanted, but his music continues to inspire. The song in focus today is the “Wedding Qawwali (Sona Sona)” from the play.

As I surfed the web for some more information on the song I came across a few covers, many by non-desis and now I share them with you!

University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club

Kentucky Men’s Choir

UK Men’s Choir

Penn Masala

THE Original

Sonam Kapoor is Two-Faced on Femina’s June Cover

Sonam Kapoor is the leading lady who graces the June cover of Femina Magazine.  Her cover is a double take with the tagline “The Best of Femina Faces.” Sonam is seen as red carpet ready and then casual in curls all on the same cover.

This cover’s concept is not original as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was showcased in a similar manner for the same magazine at an earlier time.

Which cover do you prefer?

Video Look-A-Likes: Lady GaGa’s ‘Edge of Glory’ & Jay Sean’s ‘Do You Remember’

Lady GaGa premiered the video for her single “Edge of Glory” on So You Think You Can Dance. The expectation is always high and I know I always want to see something eccentric. Apart from the video for “Edge of Glory” being more conventional then I would have liked to have seen, the set seemed all too familiar n a stoop.

The stoop location, though not original in any regard, took my mind back to Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember.” Cool night, street lights light the street, hanging out on fire escapes…see it?

Lady GaGa Performs ‘The Edge of Glory’ on American Idol

Lady GaGa graced the American Idol stage and performed her single “The Edge of Glory.” The diva was seen rocking a headpiece that created a football shape head (Hey Arnold).

The performance was pretty tame, but GaGa was sure to bring a rock mountain for her stage set-up. I wasn’t too amazed by the performance and the awkward sexual tension GaGa has with her leading man does not help.

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