Tiffin Beats Records Business Practices Exposed?

Apparently, Tiffin Beats Records, home to Mumzy Stranger, Tasha Tah, Char Avell, Junai Kaden, and Ramee, is the butt of a practical joke. The group is claiming their emails, Facebooks, and Twitters have been hacked.

The hackers started stirring trouble when they announced that Tiffin Beats’ U.S. tour was cancelled which has been said to still be on. The next wave of drama came with leaked screenshots of emails that show financial transactions in which the camp purchased YouTube views on their videos.

I am not surprised if the allegations are true because I know there are awful artists out there with tens of thousands of YouTube views and no one has ever heard of them. Then you have artists that infiltrate media and have support but results are only a few thousand views.

I am not speculating into any of the drama, but what does strike me is that this camp was once accused of hacking and stepping out of line and now they are the victims… karma?

The incident I am referring to is at the time of the Rishi Rich Productions, Tiffin Beats Records split. Junai’s team posted his music video all over Rishi Rich Productions’ camp social media pages. Though not legit hacking (because I am sure the camps were admins on all pages) it wasn’t playing nice.

The Desi music industry, as with every network or industry, is filled with competition and haters. Due to these issues, you need to stay on neutral ground and play hard, but stay real.

#smh I have high expectation from this scene not only in music, but conduct as well.

Winners of the 2011 BritAsia Awards

BritAsia TV hosted their annual BritAsia Awards Saturday, October 1. Leading up to the event, fans were asked to vote for their favorite acts. The results are truly a reflection of fan favs because not all the deserving candidates won.

Best Newcomer: Garry Sandhu
Garry has had a big year with great songs, well selected features, and brilliant videos. Arjun would be my close second because his music and swag are phenomenal.

Best International Award: Satinder Sartaaj
I am very pleased that Sartaaj is getting recognition on the western scene and Miss Pooja isn’t the only name getting love.

Non “Asian Music” Producer: Kray Twinz
Not much to say here except there has to be a better title for this category.

Best Video: Pumbeeri
I think here the fun of the flashmob video trumped the full video productions of the other videos. “Sahan To Pyariya” Was a great video with music and a story all effortlessly sewn together.

Best Male Act: Garry Sandhu

Best Female Act: Preeya Kalidas
I have no idea why the Desi scene kisses the ground Preeya walks on. Kee was on one of the biggest tracks of the year and Nindy Kaur has been to Bollywood and back with solo music. People always wonder why the ladies are a quite force on the Urban Desi scene…this is one reason why. No love for them.

Best Band: Jazzy B
Malkit Sigh performed at Lincoln Center, New York City. What did Jazzy B do?

Best Urban Asian Act: The Truth
I think every artist was deserving. The Truth dropped a few videos and tracks this year and has announced a couple collaborations so I’m proud of him on this win.

Best Single: Moorni
Agreed, a Bhangra tune that sounded nothing like the rest!

Best Album: Gabru Panjab Dha
JK is doing very well with his music in the U.K. and he embodies real Punjabi culture with his music.

Best “Asian Music” Producer: Panjabi MC
I liked The Raj, DJ Sanj was also a real contender.

Best Club DJ: DJ Kayper
DJ Kayper is the only Desi on the list I see as a club DJ who scratches and entertains.

Best Alternate Act: Nasha Experience
Best Songwriter : Satinder Sartaaj

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bhujhangy Group

My final thoughts are that the awards highlighted and focused more Bhangra, Punjabi acts. I think there needs to be an expansion of the Urban, Hip-Hop Desi scenes and a better platform for them to get some recognition and appreciation.

Is Priyanka Chopra the Next Pop Icon?

Priyanka Chopra has been signed to Universal Music Group and DesiHits’ record label and now the question is, can this actress become the next pop star? I’ve been engaged in countless great conversations about this and with what’s to come, I’ll go ahead and share my thoughts.

SAMMA (South Asian Media, Marketing, and Entertainment Association) has just awarded Piggy Chops the Trailblazer Award for being the first Bollywood actor to win a major record deal in the U.S.

Regarding the SAMMA recognition, “win” makes it sound like earning a record deal a race or game which has me uncomfortable. Deals are given as milestones in artists careers once they have proven that they have talent and persona to carry a brand. With limited resources and a struggling economy, the music industry has taken hits and the number of music contracts has been reduced. Of course the exception to all this is reality TV; American Idol, The X Factor, and The Sing Off are just a couple of examples of people being able to win record deals.

Now let’s think about the situation in the Bollywood context.

Bollywood is an industry with celebrity status and success for actors, actresses, singers, choreographers, designers, producers, directors, composers, and everyone in between! It is also an industry where people have the ability to swing from one professional role to another. Dia Mirza is an actress turned producer, Himesh Reshammiya is a composer turned singer turned actor, Shimak is a choreographer turned singer, and so on.

Let’s explore the actors turned singers in Bollywood- Abhishek Bachchan’s rapped for films, Amitabh Bachchan is a regular playback singer, Hrithik Roshan even has a few songs under his belt. Were Bollywood music directors deaf or were they protecting their soundtracks from Priyanka’s voice? The likes of Vishal and Shekhar, Salim-Sulaiman, and Jatin-Lalit could have pulled Priyanka Chopra into a studio and had her sing, but no one did.

I am sure with some studio time and the right vocal coaches, Priyanka can carry a tune, but I don’t know how her Desi audiences will react if her voice is unrecognizable and how potential Western fans will respond during live shows. Too much sound editing and “studio magic” can really change a voice and leave a music listener feeling lied to.

However, best of luck to Priyanka Chopra and the new leg in her career. I hope moving forward the Desi industry pays proper attention to those artists with no “fame” and real talent to help nurture new careers and provides a foundation for this industry to GROW and FLOURISH.

Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘Teri Meri’ Unoriginal!

Himesh Reshammiya does it again! Bollywood music producers are always under fire went it comes to “taking inspiration” from music. We see it as copying, yet they get away with it.

The latest track under scrutiny is the hit “Teri Meri” from the film Bodyguard. The music has been done by Himesh Reshammiya and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghosal. The film has broken all sorts of box office records catapulting the music to the top of the chats and keeping it there. I admit I LOVE “Teri Meri” and wish that Sonu Niigaam sang is because Rahat is screaming while Shreya is soft and demur. (If you didn’t already know this about me, I love to recast films and reassign tracks to artists I prefer).

Teri Meri:

Back to the copycat issue at hand… “La Betheleem colo-n Jos” is a carol done by Cleopatra Stratan who is recognized as the youngest person to hit commercial success as she was only three! Originally from Moldova, this singer featured “La Betheleem colo-n Jos” on her 2009 Christmas album.

I hear the similarities between the songs and know that Himesh has been accused of the same crime before which is why this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

La Betheleem colo-n Jos

From Hollywood remakes to Bollywood remakes and now sequels and international music Hindi cinema needs to get original!!

2011 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

I know I am late, but with the power outages in my town I missed the Video Music Awards and I’ve just caught them. Any who, here are my two cents.

Lady GaGa opens the show on quite a great note. She’s an amazing actress and a star in every light. I was impressed with the performance of “You and I.” If anyone female act is gonna rock a male alter-ego and make it cool, it’s Lady GaGa, embrace Jo Calderone! GaGa stayed in character and her taking the role to what seemed extreme just brought a great level of realism and authenticity.

Best Pop video went to Britney Spears for “Till the World Ends;” as much as I love Britney and her track, I think Katy’s “Last Friday Night” video was the most epic video in the nominees. P.S. How awkward was Nicki Minaj on stage presenting the outfit?! Jay-Z and Kanye West performed “Otis” and their pure energy carried their show, it would have been funny to see Aziz Ansari pop up for a minute, but oh well.

Nicki Minaj makes her Cash Money family proud with her win for Best Hip Hop video, but girl you need to cool it on the looks. GaGa and Katy Perry manage cool and crazy, you’re just a mess! Pitbull and Ne-Yo took the stage and brought all the swagger and style. I love me a man who knows how to dress well! “Grab somebody sexy tell em hey!”

Adele: beautiful, powerful, poised, talented, classy, respectable, incredibly boring. The stunning Kim Kardashian presented the awards for Best Male video and Bieber took the award…shocker. Moving on, Chris Brown takes the stage and he OWNS it, not only can this boy carry a suit, he can dance! The nods to 90s songs and dance style was fantastic, of course Chris Brown is the future with his “Beautiful People.” He didn’t sing, but Chris did entertain.

Britney Spears was recognized with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and she deserves it because she is amazing and one of my fav artists!!!! Gaga doe the presentation as Jo and it’s fantastic. Brit’s acceptance speech ended up being an intro for Beyonce; I wish Britney had a moment to dwell in the award acceptance.

I hate Beyonce, sorry. She either screams of cries in my opinion, go be a mommy. I will comment on the outfit, her shoes are too high or her pants are too short. Short that out Beyonce. GaGa snags the award for Best Female Video for “Born This Way” which is always exciting.

Then came time for the tribute to Amy Winehouse and it was a true celebration. Russell Brand managed the segment while Tony Bennett and Bruno Mars brought the musical content. Katy Perry then goes ahead and wins the award for Video of the Year for “Firework.” Well done Katy, now retire the Cheese Head look.

Drake wraps it up wearing a Grandpa sweater to introduce Lil Wayne who is s tar as he performs “How to Love” with such ease then things get wild and the show ends with a bang. This brings us to the end of another edition of MTV’S Video Music Awards.

Conformity: ‘Remain you, and they will hate you. Do what they do, and they will praise you.’ By: Sullee J

Conformity: ‘Remain you, and they will hate you. Do what they do, and they will praise you.’

By Sullee J

Oh, deprived society, whom choses to be not yourself, rather, the person beside you. Oh, selfless and hopeless society, who choses to be someone there not to gain the acceptance of others. Oh, people of this world, have you truly awakened from your sleep, and decimated the wicked ways of the weak. The signs are content, consistent and reiterated, but unfortunately, so is your blindness. Why do you chose to fulfill the desires of those, who do not understand there own desires. Haven’t you learned yet, the world is a replica of your actions. Life will mimic your intentions in the people around you, for you to stay well aware of yourself. Do you not understand yourself? How come you try and learn the procedure of what’s in front of you, rather than what’s inside? Surely, God sees through your fabrication. You were placed in this world, not to be an example of others, but to set an example for the others.

Have you ever asked yourself, what you thought was ‘real’? What you thought was ‘cool’? What you felt was ‘right’? Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw a different person looking back? Is the definition of cool, getting drunk, having sex, smoking weed, partying every weekend because your company says so? When is the last time you did something because you wanted to, and not because it would help you fit in? Why have we become so indulged into the fact that we have to look, act, and talk like everybody else in order for them to like us back? If they don’t like you how you really are, then is it a self-esteem issue? Why be fake and still associate yourself with people that don’t matter to? That does not only make you blind, but a hypocrite. This leads to the reason why our society has so many two-faces, or hidden identities. Most of us are afraid to show who we really are and we get lost in two different life styles; one out side and one behind doors that no one ever knew. No wonder it has become hard to trust anyone out there. I’d rather have a foe who says that they hate me, than call someone a friend whose purpose is to put me down secretly.

Have you realized that being apart of the majority doesn’t make you strong anymore? We are living in an organized system which has deliberately drained the minds of individuals and made them believe everything they see. How can people claim to be original when almost everything about them is fictional. Why are most of the leaders we admire from the distant past? Is it because we don’t have many today? If we do, most of them turn out to be ill natured. They have conquered and divided. They have manipulated us into believing that we are crazy if we don’t follow there rules but normal if we submit. We have become victims of modern slavery. Ignorance is the new crack and a lot of people are on it. Only if people knew the true power of the muscle behind their own voice. Instead of jumping on every band wagon of the latest hollywood icon, we need to learn to think for ourselves. The society has degraded itself by making it’s own people less aware and fearful of becoming aware. There are so many different conspiracies and truths, people just stopped caring about trying to find out what’s real anymore. We are still trying to find out the truth behind 9/11, which happened over a decade ago. Clarity is needed in order to eliminate the mass hatred which it has created against a whole race & religion. Sadly, most people will believe whatever the boss aka TV says, which is the still the reason, that today a lot of my people are discriminated against today.

I find it depressing when I see many people who have been deprived of living how they want because society won’t accept it. To gain acceptance they slowly forget who they are, making it a forced habit to be someone they’re not. We are being lured into a lifestyle which we have no control over. Is conformity even an option anymore? Even though it is still your choice to be unique, most people can’t handle the pressure of having to fight against the crowd. If you don’t conform, it takes time to get your point across and most would argue that they don’t have time or want to live an “easy” life. Explain to me how things are easier, when you stop caring? It’s obscene how people are a part of the same crowd they claim they hate. It’s like living everyday as a contradiction. You hate how things are now but you’re the reason they are that way. If you are afraid of being yourself then what’s the point of being? Live your life how you want to, not because it’s how they want you to. Make your own decisions and choices. Don’t fall under the pressure of having to change yourself for anyone. It’s not your problem if they can’t accept you for being true to yourself.

I will ask you one last thing before I end this article: “What is your definition of a real person?”

I believe that a real person is someone who can take themselves out of any situation, adjust to any situation and can refrain from being negative in the worst situation. A real person is someone who doesn’t conform, instead he continues to be his self in the crowd. A real person is one who wins the challenge against himself, a challenge against peer pressure, one who does not fall for temptation. A real person is one who says he did, after he does. A real person doesn’t pay attention to the ignorance, instead he gives attention to those willing to listen and understand. A real person never loses, he keeps trying. A real person understands that attitude and reaction can make all the difference. A real person understands patience does not mean waiting around, it means to take initiative first. A real person is one who believes in himself regardless of anyone who puts him down. A real person is one who knows better, by being the bigger person. A real person takes care of themselves, as well as others when he is capable of it. A real person substitutes anger with prayer. A real person will not judge you for your appearance. A real person understands the difference between intention and motive. A real person is someone who shines daily because of his faith. A real person is anybody who isn’t afraid to be themselves at any given time

Oneness (Acceptance & Equality Pt. II) By: Sullee J

Oneness (Acceptance & Equality Pt. II)
By: Sullee J

Through One, we were created. To one, we shall return. For indeed, the truth lies in one congregation, which unfortunately, we have adjourned. I believe in no division. I believe in no sect. For we are all unified during submission and after all, he is only one! Correct?

I witness the fall of civilization as well as the birth of destruction. The rise of an evil through coercive seductions. The force feeding of crowds and the mass manipulation. The theories of the proud, leading us into disaster’s stimulation. Oh what have we here, a population trafficking through avid configuration. Atheism laughs at the believer speech, so sad the situation, of the weak. Conforming for rapid matriculation, they seek, In order to fit in to society’s crafted simulation, defeat. I see the great deception, the new age, following the craze, obstructing through loose plague. Look at how we question God, but swallow the news page. Discredit our own blood, just to model the new ways.

See, many of us have fallen astray. Ambiguous, we have been made, through false conjectures and the premeditated syllables of the trained. For indeed, it is the skilled, who bestow thrills and commit sins to kill. Oh, the stories they tell and try to glorify the emporiums of hell. Temptations of glass, see through trash. Oh, what have we gained from disbelieving the one who maintains? The one who made us in fact, it’s a fact, we have mocked the greatest and trapped ourselves in a maze so amazing, the past. Even though we forget it, it still follows until the day and at last into the grave we have passed. How can we forget the Creator? When surely, He’s the only savior, we have!

I look at the sun, I stare at the moon, I smile at the stars, and fall in love everyday I consume. I look at the ocean, and I wonder it’s mystery. I float to outer space, trying to escape this earth’s misery. I live in a world full of blasphemy. The wicked hold such a status full of ego, jealousy, yet wonder why they remain in a state of agony. I look at the people from a distance, painted smiles and dried tears. People pretending to hold relations of bounty, but how? When they’ve forgotten who gave them these fine years! I’m afraid for the imbeciles and the twisted. The ones who batter the innocence off a child’s back and justify the decision. Is this what we call a court of law? Or is this a sort of flaw? To convict the poor, just to fill the space behind bars, and let the rich flee, as long as they hand over a portion of there quota? God! this is tyranny!

Take a look at our religion. From the beginning, we have been blessed with the truth. Until the fine philosophy was risen and struck the minds of a few. Which now corrupts the generations vision, the generators of legislators sedating the minds of civilians. Ignorance now separating us, through theories of spineless chameleons. Multiple villainous arrangements, surely, this is the time of transgressors. Hypocrisy attained, and remains in the minds of the inventors. So I ask now, who are we to stand up so high, demanding the respect? Acting like we don’t bleed, and some how believe it’s us who hold the power to judge and keep humanity in check. How can we proceed and allow segregation when the truth was handed to you? Do you still you neglect the revelations? ‘Kun Faya Kun’, It was commanded to you!

Islam is not the glitch. What the media displays is a form of fictional propaganda and you blindly conform to their pitch. Muslims are not the enemies. Disbelievers are the enemies. The ones who gang up and point fingers through postulated schemes. That does not mean that non-Muslims are the opponents. It simply states that those who discredit us due to the actions of deviants and then generalize with the aim to falsify our existence. They must seek atonement!

I am a Muslim, and it is necessary to believe our ‘Ummah’ is one. I am no different than you. Surely the difference between us is none. We cannot blame the ones who don’t listen, the mindless who have been raised to believe and trained through superstition. Taught by the elder generation whose generation before never learned or cared. Instead they just followed there present exhibition. Indeed, the media has defined us, designed us and testified against us to make the public despise us.

With this being said, we must stand up, otherwise we will continuously get stood upon. We must not fear the system, especially when our true purpose is to do good upon. Islam teaches purity, piety and righteousness. The straight path, ‘Sirat Al Mustaqeem’, the desire of enlightenment. Others look inside our religion and see that some of us hate each other! “I’m Sunni, he’s Shia”? NO! Look at what we made each other! There is only one type of Muslim and one God above. Please don’t judge me because of my religion, true Islam is peace, unity… and love

Evidence from the Quran:

And your god is one God. There is no deity [worthy of worship] except Him, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

[6:159] Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with GOD, then He will inform them of everything they had done.

21:92] Your congregation is but one congregation, and I alone am your Lord; you shall worship Me alone.

[21:93] However, they divided themselves into disputing religions. All of them will come back to us (for judgment).

Surah 3, Verse 103: And hold fast, all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favour on you;

Surah 6, Verse 159: “Surely they who divided their religion into parts and became sects, you have no concern with them; their affair is only with Allah, then He will inform them of what they did.”

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