Sunil Sehgal Remembers ‘1984’

Sunil Sehgal has been keeping a low profile on the Bhangra scene, but that doesn’t mean he has not been busy in the studio. Sunil Sehgal is set to make an impression this year with the release of his solo production work, but before diving into his forthcoming album, Sunil shares a teaser of “1984” as a gift with his fans new and old.

“Here’s my Vaisakhi gift for all. It is a clip of my new song titled ‘1984.’ I have always wanted to write a song about 1984 and its historical impact on Punjab and our community. I remember living in Punjab at this time and will never forget the riots as it has impacted my personal life,” Sunil Sehgal shares.

In 1984, Indian troops were focused on capturing Sikhs due to tension between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Sikhs in Punjab, this is now referred to as the anti-Sikh riots. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards setting off the riots.
The release of “1984” in the upcoming weeks will be part of a charity project Sunil is working on. Stay tuned for details.

Taj-E and Bee2 Sing About ‘Jalebi’

To those unfamiliar with Jalebis, they are fried sweets which are orange…now Taj-E and Bee2 will transform the dessert into a song. The boys look like they have a promising video on their hands, but production and concept have me on the fence. Check out the trailer.

H-Dhami…’The Story So Far’

A decade in the making, ok I am exaggerating, three and a half years in the making, H-Dhami is saying it again, he is set to drop a “behind the scenes” DVD and sophomore album. There was supposed to be a remix album in there somewhere too, but who knows.

The project has all the usual suspects: Rishi Rich, Roach Killa, Tigerstyle, DJ Vix, the only one missing is Mumzy, but the camp split.

I am excited for the release, just not enthused by the title. “The Story So Far” seems like a more mature title in terms of artist career. What’s H-Dhami got? Born into Bhangra royalty, scooped up by Rishi Rich, now a wedding singer…not the hype I am looking for. Yes H-Dhami has toured the world, but he only has one album.

Video: DJ Sanj Releases ‘Chugliyan’

DJ Sanj’s latest vocal find is Jay Status. Unveiling him to the industry as a superstar, Sanj produces “Chugliyan” Jay Status and now we get to see the music video.

The song is given a great video treatment with simple, clean shots and th effective use of text. DJ Sanj is one of my favorite producers and he brings us another Sanj signature track. As for the lyrics about “Beat headphone paa ke…” totally has this song stuck in 2012 forever.

Panjabi MC Ready for ‘Bari Barsi’

Panjabi MC is a living legend with quite the international following. With more music to share and his creative juices still flowing, Panjabi MC is set to drop his new single “Bari Barsi” off his forthcoming album 56 Districts.

For all of PMC’s dedicated fan base, you know that this will be the Punjabi producers eleventh album! Making sure this one hits the masses, Panjabi MC is releasing this album in a joint venture between his label and VIP Records.

With the logistics sorted, Panjabi MC has been taking the single to the crowds in his recent performances. Now he takes it viral with a new music video teaser. The clip shows us Panjabi MC and the Unites States dance team Empire Bhangra ready to let loose. For those of you unfamiliar with Bhangra Empire, they have won a handful of North American competitions, competed in the U.K. and even performed for President Obama.

Check out the teaser for “Bari Barsi” and stay tuned for the full release.

Video: Angrej Ali Drops ‘Ajja Ajja’

Angrej Ali teamed up with Aman Hayer for the track “Ajja Ajja.”

The song is complimented with a video which packs in a story, modern day text flirting , and a happy ending.

It’s always refreshing to see a video that makes sense.

Video: DJ Gurps Releases ‘Ghabru Gulaab Warga’

DJ Gurps’ new production, “Ghabru Gulaab Warga,” features Manjit Sohi and The Ministry of Dhol. With so many faces to capture in the music video, DJ Gurps’ final product is a well edited clip.

While keeping some focus on himself and the artists, Gurps’ video also carries a storyline of a blossoming romance. Typical, but well done.

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