Interview: Shweta Subram Joins the Urban Desi Music Scene

Shweta Subram hails from Canada and she is ready to make her mark as an artist! With her debut single “Jee Le” now out and plenty more to come, I caught up with this songstress to get a taste of what’s to come.

Zaynah: Welcome to the Urban Desi artists fraternity! It is nice to see another lady on the scene. How long have you been hustling to put out your single “Jee Le”?
Shweta: Thank you for the warm welcome. I think it’s about time a lady rules the Urban Desi scene. “Jee Le,” being the story of my life, I decided to shape it into a song couple of months ago. I penned down the lyrics, composed the tune with the help of Vikas Kohli and within a couple of hours we came up with “Jee Le.” In May we shot the music video, June we released it and now here we are in July with people calling me “Jee Le” instead of ‘Shweta Subram’ every time they see me!

Zaynah: How did you go about deciding who you wanted to work with on the production?
Shweta: I honestly felt that there was no producer in Canada that understood the Urban Desi sound until Satish Bala, founder of Blueband media and organizer of Desifest, recommended me to Parichay. We met and realized that we have share similar musical influences and interests.

Zaynah: How was working with Parichay? Did you share studio space?
Shweta: Working with Parichay was an awesome experience. What helps is that we both have great musical sense and are open to feedback. Both Parichay and I focus on Urban Hindi music and have had similar musical influences growing up. I did record “Jee Le” at Parichay’s studio. So yeah we got to share studio space together.

Zaynah: With the debut single out, you also have a music video. Tell us about your video’s concept.
Shweta: The concept of my music video is people letting their hair loose and letting go of all their stress and singing and dancing to “Jee Le.”

Zaynah: Is there a special meaning or story behind the single or is it just a feel good track?
Shweta: “Jee Le” is the story of my life. Growing up, there were people that believed in me and supported me. But there were also people that were jealous and tried to pull me down. My mom always told me that it’s important to believe in yourself because challenges and hardships will come and go. Life is too short to delve on every detail. Be positive, live your dream, live your life.

Zaynah: I have noticed some news about IIFA performances. How have they been?
Shweta: The IIFA Rocks performance was fantastic. I performed with Bollywood maestros Salim and Sulaiman. The act included songs from their forthcoming film Azaan. I performed the song “Khuda ke Liye” with Salim and Sulaiman. It was great to share the stage with such talented music directors.

Zaynah: What has been the reaction from crowds while performing?
Shweta: All my performances have had amazing responses. People tell me I sound better live than in a recording. Everyone loved my performance at IIFA Rocks with Salim and Sulaiman.

Zaynah: I know it has only been a short while since you have launched your music career, but what has been one of the biggest hurdles you have faced thus far?
Shweta: Though I have many supportive friends and fans, my biggest hurdle is dealing with people who deliberately try to pull me down or interfere in opportunities that come my way.

Zaynah: I am sure you are already planning the next move in your career, any details you can share?
Shweta: I would like to keep that a surprise 🙂 I am working with some excellent producers and talent in the Urban Desi scene. Every song will have a different vibe to it and will prove my versatility as a singer. So it will be worth the wait!!

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  1. Gaura
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 11:20:54

    excellent artist..amazing vocals! wanna hear more from shweta


  2. roald daul
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 07:20:39



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